Home Construction 5 Most Reasons Why Choose Modular Home Construction

5 Most Reasons Why Choose Modular Home Construction

Redman Homes Modular Manufactured Construction

Redman Homes Modular Manufactured Construction

5 Most Reasons Why Choose Modular Home Construction - Manufactured and Mobile Homes Designs and Ideas | Factory Homes

I bought 5 wooded and hilly acres of land three years ago with the intention of having a house built on it. I was clearing the trees by hand for the driveway, building site and septic system drain field. This gave me a year to investigate the costs, types of construction, contractors and other things that I would need before getting to the construction stage of the project. This article is a summary of the things I learned during that year that led me to the decision to build a modular home.

I was unsure whether I was going to have a house built on site or have a modular home set in pieces on the foundation.

The first two obstacles to a modular home were: modular homes may not be allowed in my city and was it possible to get a modular home to this building site. If not, the decision was made for me. After checking with the local building inspectors, I found out that modular homes are allowed in this area. Next I contacted three different modular home builders in my area and had them visit my building site to find out if a modular home could be delivered to this site and if so, what was the largest size that could be delivered. From them, I learned that it was possible to deliver a home to this site and the maximum size that could be delivered.

Now I had to decide the method of construction. Initially, I had concerns about modular homes when it came to financing, quality and looks. First I checked with lenders in my area and found that I would be able to finance a modular home in the same fashion as a site built home. Next I needed to learn more about the quality and look of modular homes. I guess I had heard all the stories about them being glorified trailers. After looking at homes built by about 10 different modular home builders, I found that my concerns were warranted with a couple of builders, but not most.

In the end, I chose to go with a modular home. Here are the reasons why:

1. Quality and cost - most modular home builders offer a quality home with built in efficiencies. The home meets local building codes; has 2" x 6" exterior walls; uses sheets of flooring material larger than is possible on a site built home (meaning fewer seams); has numerous quality checks throughout the building process; walls are glued, screwed and strapped; interior walls are made with 5/8" sheetrock; a variety of options for the exterior of the home; and the home is very well insulated. After two years in the home, my utility bills are about the same as my condo which was 30{d92c46523792edbb8d926403b0d601c46cde6591ffe0cebe393ac09f9e1638d7} smaller and surrounded by other units on two sides.

2. Customization - I learned that you can customize your modular home just as with a site built home. You can either choose an available floor plan or customize them for the cost of the engineering fees. I went with the mirror image of an available floor plan.

3. Fewer contractors to manage. Since I was acting as the general contractor, I was concerned with the time to get bids, check out the work of contractors as well as schedule all the necessary work. By choosing to build a modular home, I would only need an excavation company to build our driveway and dig the hole for our basement, a surveyor to layout the site for the foundation, someone to pour the foundation and do the flatwork, a plumber and an electrician.

4. Speed of construction. My modular home was going to be built so fast (2 weeks) that I had to have all of my contractors chosen and scheduled when I placed the order for the home.

5. Cost - Due to the efficiencies of building modular homes there is a cost savings involved. It is hard to give a percentage savings. This would vary depending on the costs which are the same no matter how the house is built. There are many costs that are the same with either a modular or site built home - land, foundation, utilities to home, driveway, sewage hookup or septic system. With this said, there was definitely a cost savings for me to go with a modular home. I needed this savings, because my building site required extensive excavation costs to cross two creeks and modify the grade of a hill with 75 dump truck loads of rock.

After living in the home for two years, I feel I made the right decision. My wife and I are enjoying our house tucked back in the woods and have had only one issue with the home. Shortly after moving into the home there was a plumbing leak. We had a local plumber fix the problem and our builder quickly reimbursed us for the repair.

Under this section is gallery of Modular Home Construction pictures that you can use as fantastic ideas for your home and interior design plans. Hope you enjoyed this Modular Home Construction imagery and if you need to get the pictures in high quality (HD Quality) for personal use, you can simply just right click and save as the photos below the gallery of Modular Home Construction.

Modular Home Homes Construction

Modular Home Homes Construction

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